Sunday, 19 September 2010

Potentials and Possibilities.....

Talking with friends on life, potentials and possibilities; an interesting conversation over wine and the noise of a civil partnership celebration...on creating a personal identity,who we are and it's limitations and benefits..rewriting the script by which we (I, they) live and exploring life and the things that it offers...or not.
Talking with friends on liberation, new challenges and moving onto things that are new and affirming - sounds somewhat cliched BUT a VERY interesting challenge to me on the what, how and why in some of the things in my life....I guess it's easy to live with what is comfortable and yet by doing so we may either a) not extend our view and potentials OR b) live a life that is balanced and realised - if that's not a contradiction on the premise of "get out and try new things..extend your view of life...."

I think I need to consider this a bit more...maybe!

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