Sunday, 3 October 2010

All change....

Autumn has arrived it seems, although I would need to check when autumn does officially arrive.....The last few weeks have seen changes in the weather, colour of the trees and the fields around here becoming empty as the grasses are cut and heaped in black polythene resting in rows against the stone walls.

I saw the telephone wires down the lane filled with swallows a few weeks ago, all in a frantic chatter, no doubt about the best time to leave and the route choice back to the coast of east Africa for the winter - that's a long way for such a small and fragile thing to travel.

Last Sunday Jude and I rode the cycles out to Bretton Hall park - the Yorkshire Sculpture park ( ) over coffee and lunch I looked out across the panorama of what is, and must have been in it's original state a magnificent view; mature trees, opening green fields, the walled nursery and lined with apple and pear trees - splayed in cruciform around the wall. David Nash has an exhibition there currently; large wood scultpures carved from huge trunks of ash, beech and more exotic trees.

I was really impressed by the short film he made showing the carved ball (which might have been oak or beech) he shaped from a local woodland; he then set the wooden ball free in the river nearby and traced it's journey over time into the estuary (which I think might be Bristol way....) before it was finally dragged out to sea on the tide currents - an amazing life metaphor as well as a great thought!

Take a look at some of the exhibits here:

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